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If you have volunteered in previous years, your personal details will still be present (you will not need to re-register) but you will need to enter shift preferences to reflect your current wishes. Once logged in, use this link: "update details of my availability".
Note: to contact the venue coordinator for a shift you have been allocated, log in and use the link "Send a message to my coordinator". (If you work on different shifts, it will let you specify which coordinator you are trying to reach.)

If you would like to become a Volunteer, read this...

We run various sessions all year-round as well as a night shelter during January to March. If you would like to volunteer, we are always grateful for offers of help.

Please look at our website for our current volunteer opportunities.

We mainly need volunteers for helping as a host or cook at our night shelter sessions. They run during January to March in three shifts: evening (6-10pm), night (9:45pm-7am) and morning (6:45-9:00am).

We also have volunteer opportunities at our Support Centre that provides advice and support sessions all year on Monday to Friday mornings (9:45am-1pm)

During April to December, we also run Plug-in at the Hub on a Thursday evening (6:00-8:45pm) which provides a chance for our guests to shower, wash clothes and have a light snack.

Finally we have opportunities for helping with publicity, fundraising, marketing and administration.

If you want to help, you can fill out a form online to register your interest. It takes about five minutes to fill the form in. Before filling in this form, please have the following details to hand

Please also think about:

Finally and importantly:

To be considered for a shift, you need to indicate three things: 1. the role(s) you would like to play, 2. the shifts you are able to offer and 3. how often you want to volunteer (do this carefully - don't over-commit). If any of these is missing, you won't be called on. If volunteering for the shelter, do consider offering an occasional night shift.

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